The Pro’s to An Online Doctor

Online Doctor

Why choose an online doctor

It is no secret that the NHS is facing some difficult issues that range from funding to staffing. These problems are putting a strain upon the service that they currently can’t handle. This is why there has been the need to develop other services to help aid the NHS like an online doctor service. In a previous article, we mentioned there were other backed schemes to relieve the pressure from GP practices.

In the previous article, it was clear that Online Doctor Consultations was the best solution; it incorporated all of the positives with the fewest drawbacks. In this feature we will explain all of the pro’s to an online doctor and why it is the solution needed to aid general practice.

An online doctor service like alldayDr can provide many positives such as:

Being treated in a matter of minutes

alldayDr provides the ability to be seen by a GP within 15 minutes. This is because our doctors are readily available to work and because they work from private, remote locations. alldayDr can provide as many GP’s as they can to be available for consultations as they are not restricted by surgery size.

Online doctors can treat the vast majority of ailments that a standard GP can

An online consultation gives GP’s the ability to assess most of your ailments the same way a standard GP in a practice can. They can diagnose far better than an online symptom checker but are more accessible than a GP in a surgery.

Prescriptions delivered to your door

With alldayDr, if your GP deems it necessary they will write a prescription that can be delivered straight to your door. Go from sick to healthy without leaving your home!

Private prescriptions and consultations

If there are any concerns with privacy or discretion, alldayDr provides the option of Private Prescriptions. These can be kept off of your medical records if the request is made to your doctor. This can be used for more embarrassing ailments that you do not want to be disclosed on your records.

Sick notes and referrals

An online doctor app like alldayDr can prescribe sick notes and refer you to a specialist exactly the same way as your regular GP can. We will send your required documents via email once the consultation has been completed.

100% safe and secure

alldayDr uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to secure the platform and all sensitive information to ensure we are completely safe and secure.

Same amount of privacy

As all of our GP’s that operate under alldayDr work from a private space, you will receive the same amount of privacy as you would at a GP surgery. The same rules of disclosure apply so nothing will change in regards to privacy, all information is confidential and private.

alldayDr provides all of the knowledge of a GP with the convenience of an online platform. There is no need to wait two weeks for an appointment, or even travel out of your way to a surgery. Book your appointments around you and your schedule, be seen by a GP in your lunch break at work or even at your own home. The options are endless!

Start feeling better sooner and see a GP today with alldayDr.

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