The Morning After Pill and How it Works

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  • October 29, 2018
Morning After Pill

What you should know

When having unprotected or even protected sex there is always a risk of falling pregnant. There is around a 20% chance of pregnancy when having unprotected sex, this number will increase or decrease depending on several factors such as: age, ability to ovulate and the time in a woman’s menstrual cycle. If you have any concerns of pregnancy then you should take the morning after pill.

No contraceptives are 100% guaranteed and if you have any fears about falling pregnant then the morning after pill can help as an emergency contraceptive.

While effective, the morning after pill is in no way as reliable as conventional planned contraception. The pill is best used in emergency cases where the risk of unintended pregnancy is highest. The pill is most effective when taken up to 72 hours after sex, but can be taken up to 120 hours after. The longer you wait to take the pill decreases its effectiveness however. The morning after pill should never be used as a regular or primary form of contraception.

Acquiring the morning after pill can often be seen as embarrassing when done face-to-face.  We cut out the embarrassment. Take our free online consultation and one of our UK registered GP’s will review your application thoroughly. Once approved, we can deliver your treatment to your front door in quick succession and with total discretion.


How does it work?

Morning after pills get to work by delaying or stopping ovulation. Sperm can survive for a maximum of 120 hours (5 days) after engaging in sex. If ovulation does not happen in this time frame, fertilisation will not occur.


Different types of treatments

AlldayDr provide the option of choosing between the two most commonly prescribed morning after pills in the UK: Levonelle and EllaOne.

Both of these treatments work in the same way, yet differ slightly with the period of time in which you can take them after sex. Levonelle is the older medication and must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex or primary contraceptive failure. EllaOne, however, can be up to 120 hours after.

The prescribed dose should always be taken as early as possible, the earlier it is taken the more effective it shall be.



What is the morning after pill? – It is a pill to prevent pregnancy, which is taken after intercourse has occurred.

When is it needed? – If you are at risk of pregnancy i.e. had unprotected sex, or if your birth control method fails.

Where can I get the morning after pill? – You can acquire the morning after pill from, order your treatment and have it discreetly delivered to your home.

Will it prevent STIs? – No, only a physical barrier such as condoms will prevent STIs

If I drink alcohol before or after taking emergency contraceptive pills, will they be less effective? – No, there is no effect of alcohol on the morning after pill.

What if I vomit after taking my morning after pill? – If you’re sick within two hours of taking Levonelle, or three hours of taking ellaOne, the medicine cannot be guaranteed to work and you will need to take another dose

What if I took the morning after pill and then had unprotected sex the next day? – You would not be protected and would need a further dose.


How alldayDr can help

If this blog does not answer your questions then feel free to book an online consultation with a qualified and trained GP to ask any questions and be prescribed the best medication for you.

You can download the app from these links to get you started:



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