Health and Wellness Kiosk

Health and Wellness Kiosk

Digital Health Education at Euro Garage

With the successful unveiling of the alldayDr Health and Wellness Kiosk at Euro Garage in Blackburn by special guests Ron Hill, marathon legend and Mohammad Ayub, the Mayor of Hyndburn. alldayDr are now planning to roll out their Health and Wellness Kiosks across the UK.

For people who don’t know what the alldayDr Health Kiosk does, here is a brief summary:

The alldayDr Health and Wellness Kiosk can measure health factors such as: height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, fat percentage, fat mass, body composition, body temperature, blood oxygen levels and BMI.

Not only does the Health and Wellness Kiosk measure these health metrics, it connects this data securely to your alldayDr app. This allows you to continually track your health, give vital health and wellness feeds that are up to date and relevant, give you signposted guidance on your own health and self-help information all from the alldayDr app.

1 in 3 People in England Have High Blood Pressure

In the UK high blood pressure is the third biggest risk factor for all disease after smoking and poor diet. Around one in three adults in the UK has high blood pressure; in England, 31% of men and 26% of women have high blood pressure. (Blood pressure facts and figures, 2017)

Half of the people with high blood pressure are not diagnosed or receiving treatment. In England alone, there are more than five million people that are undiagnosed. High blood pressure costs the NHS over £2.1 billion every year. (Blood pressure facts and figures, 2017)

Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been quoted sayingHundreds of lives could be saved in England with better provision and take-up of free health checks” (Free health checks save lives, 2013)

A recent article in The Guardian has the British Heart Foundation urging that ‘Health service staff should start checking people’s blood pressure at gyms, barber shops and football stadiums in a bid to cut deaths from heart attacks and strokes’ (Campbell, 2018)

Commuters are Most at Risk

Longer commute times are being associated with increased stress, higher blood pressure and body mass index, and reduced time available for health-promoting activities such as cooking, exercising, sleeping and booking an appointment with a GP. (Paton, 2016)

Research suggests that having a commute over 60 minutes long increases all of these factors and can be detrimental to people’s health. Individuals with long commutes into work are the hardest to reach demographic for healthcare. This comes down to their time constraints at work and there need to book time off to visit a GP.

“High blood pressure is called a ‘silent killer’, because usually there are no symptoms and it can go undiagnosed.” The only way to know you have the condition is to get your blood pressure measured. This is where the Health and Wellness Kiosk from alldayDr can help. (Thompson, 2015)

Euro Garage and the Need for a Health and Wellness Kiosk

Visionary Country Manager, Salim Hassan at the EG Group is passionate to ensure that hard to reach groups that frequent the Euro Garages stores are given vital added-value services that other retailers simply do not provide, by way of the alldayDr Health and Wellbeing Kiosks.

Mr Hassan says ‘We owe it to busy commuters and our customers who are time pressured to give them the ability to monitor and track their own health through these fantastic machines.  This is a value-added service that demonstrates just some of the projects that we are passionate about within our CSR strategy’.

With most, if not all of Euro Garages customers being commuters, Euro Garages understand that their customers are most at peril of undiagnosed health risks; and they have spotted the need for the provision of a free to access machine that can provide this level of health evaluation in their stores, and have taken the commendable ethical steps to help improve customer health and wellbeing, self-care through digital healthcare and health promotion and education through alldayDr.

Founder and CEO of alldayDr, Dr Suhel Ahmed commends the EG Group on their initiative and this trial; ‘It is truly inspirational and noteworthy that the Salim and team at EG are putting people before profit.  They have shown true concern about the health and physical welfare of their customers by leading by example and relinquishing valuable store space to provide free health checks by way of our Health and Wellbeing Kiosks.’

Look out for an alldayDr Health and Wellness Kiosk Near You

With the hugely successful launch at Euro Garages site at Frontier Park alldayDr now plan to roll out their self-help kiosks across the UK in other corporate and retail outlets.  

Download the alldayDr app and learn where you can get your digital health check near you.  Don’t wait and get your health checked today! Link your results to your alldayDr app and receive health guides, tips and signposts specific to your health.


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