Online GP Consultations – The Future is Bright

Online GP Consultations

The twenty first century has seen the creation of many amazing technological feats! We are focusing on the creation of online GP consultations with highly skilled GMC registered General Practitioners. In this article we look into the positive contribution this service offers and how you can benefit from it.

What’s work got to do with it?

With the average person taking 8 days off work due to sickness per year, tech enabled healthcare providers want to empower employees and ensure that this statistic is lowered throughout 2019. Via sophisticated, efficient and easy to access video consultations with experienced GMC registered GPs, you can have any medical requirement dealt with without the hassle of ever having to leave the workplace.

Society spends an average of 3,515 full working days in the office over a lifetime and even this doesn’t seem to be enough time to get everything done! We are always searching for more time in our busy, hectic jobs, therefore taking time out of work in order to visit your GP can be a hassle.

The use of online GP consultations means you are able to see a doctor without having to leave the workplace. This breakthrough will see sick days reduce and employee productivity increase when implemented throughout businesses.

A tech ena bled company has taken this a step further with the incredible invention of a Health & Wellness Kiosk. The Health & Wellness Kiosk allows you to take your heart rate, blood pressure and even more important health statistics easily and conveniently. The use of the machine within businesses will enable employees to keep on top of their health and in turn promote a healthy lifestyle within offices nationwide.

Vital health statistics gained via the Health & Wellness Kiosk can be uploaded to your profile ready for your future online consultations. Your information will be stored securely within your online profile and will only be accessed by GP’s when they require this information.


Surrounded by posters stating how germs are everywhere, instructing us to always wash our hands and cover our mouth when sneezing, the doctor’s waiting room is a hotbed for bacteria. With online GP consultations, you can access a doctor without the wait, especially in a crowded, germ filled doctors waiting room.

Recently we have seen the removal of magazines within GP surgeries, Hospitals and other healthcare settings due to infection control. With the help of online GP consultations, you can now also remove yourself for infection control purposes! You do not need to put yourself at risk of further infections. Be safe, gain a consultation via your smartphone, iPad or laptop and reduce the risk of catching viruses.

Be comfortable with your treatment

The average GP will do a total of 4 home visits per day, with the average doctor’s surgery, having a total of 8,661 registered patients you can imagine how difficult it will be to get an appointment let alone a home visit.

If you are unwell the last thing you want to do is leave your bed in order to get to a doctor’s appointment. Online video consultations are practical and comforting, you can be seen and treated from the comfort of your own bed. You never have to leave the house! Prescriptions can even be delivered straight to your front door.

You don’t need to worry about the travel, being uncomfortable in the waiting room, or interacting with other sick people when using the easy, efficient online consultations.

Why are we waiting?

In a lifetime you will spend approximately 6 months waiting for a service, whether it be in a queue at the shop, on hold for customer service or waiting for your name to be called by your GP. This staggering statistic can indeed be lowered with the help of an online GP consultation.

With the introduction of tech into the healthcare sector there is no wait involved in seeing a GP with your health concerns. You now have hundreds of GMC registered, talented GPs at hand ready and waiting to help you.

With no wait for a prescription, doctors note or support from a highly trained Healthcare professional, you can cut the amount of time you spend waiting, down by 6 hours per year with this new, cutting edge technology.

Feel Awkward?

Have you ever been too embarrassed to see your doctor with a personal problem due to the gender of your GP?

Speaking from a female perspective, sometimes I do not like to discuss my health concerns with a male Practitioner. This is very common and is something I would love to see addressed. With most online consultations you have the freedom to choose the gender of the GP you see. No more awkward appointments!

Online GP Consultations – The Answer?

Today the general public face a crisis with regards to healthcare and the NHS. The amount of GPs becoming a partner or even accepting permanent positions with practices has reduced dramatically, making it even more difficult to see a healthcare professional when crucially needed.

A tech venture in the North West has managed to combine all of the above features; to create an effective app focused on the patient and dedicated to transforming healthcare.

alldayDr boast “cutting edge technology” and “carefully selected GMC Regulated Doctors” via their high-quality app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

With incredible benefits, alldayDr comes in as one of the most cost effective, convenient and easy ways to have all health concerns dealt with.

With GP Practices in crisis, online GP consultations could be the way to achieve high quality, cost effective and efficient healthcare in the very near future.

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