STD’s & Valentine’s Day


Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) are spread daily around the UK via unprotected sex or skin to skin sexual contact. However, over Valentines week the numbers rise dramatically. It is extremely important you take care of yourself and ensure you always remain protected and take precaution.

We understand that accidents can happen and with this in mind, we have looked into the best ways to treat various sexually transmitted diseases. (STD’s)

How to treat STD’s:


Chlamydia requires treatment through antibiotics. The symptoms of this infection include burning when you urinate, discoloured discharge, itching and stinging. Be aware that not everyone has symptoms therefor it is important to always get checked just in case. The test for Chlamydia is simple. There are now many options to how to take the test. Gone are the times of having to make a trip to your doctor or local sexual health clinic, you can now have tests delivered to your door. You will have your results within a week and should you need treatment the test centre or your doctor will make you away. After the course of antibiotics, you will be free of the infection. However, you will not be immune. Remember to always take precautions and wear protection to avoid this particular STD. Always tell your sexual partners if you discover that you have Chlamydia.


Gonorrhoea causes many symptoms. You will notice a water green or yellow discharge, burning sensation when you urinate and lower abdominal pain. This infection requires a course of antibiotics. The test is not as simple as a urine test, therefor you must visit a sexual health clinic or your GP in order to be tested. The test involves a swab. If you do have this disease a course of antibiotics will clear up the infection, however, you will not be immune. This infection can cause infertility if left untreated therefor be sure to always get checked.


HPV is a virus. Once caught the virus will stay with you and you will be a carrier therefor can spread this on to sexual partners. This is passed via skin to skin contact. The symptoms include itching, rashes, blisters and other skin abnormalities. The blisters can be found on your mouth, cervix or anus. This virus can be avoided by a vaccination in younger years. This will vaccinate you against the virus and lower your chances of having HPV. Diagnosis is easy, your GP will be able to diagnose by looking at the skin abnormalities. Remember to always keep an eye out for any chances to your skin in the sensitive areas and always let your sexual partners know if you have ever contracted this virus.

Finally, we are going to discuss Genital Warts. Like HPV this is a virus and caught by skin to skin contact. If you have been vaccinated against HPV your chances of catching this are lowered. Like HPV the symptoms are skin abnormalities and it is very easy to diagnose. If you feel you may have Genital Warts a visit to your GP or sexual health clinic is recommended. It is best to always be honest with your sexual partners and ensure they are aware of this virus.

We understand that treating sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) can be embarrassing. alldayDr provide a discreet, secure and completely private service. We offer a wide range of advice, tips and guidance. If you do ever find yourself in need of treatment for STIs you can find all medication on our website ready to order and even be delivered straight to your door.

It is important that you are honest and open with your sexual partners as well as safe. Talking about sexual experiences and discussing any related health concerns with your partner is a good way to ensure both of your stay happy, healthy and safe. Should you require anything further alldayDr are there to help. No concern is ever too embarrassing. Take care of yourself this Valentines day with our 25% off private medication offer.

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