Employee Health – How much is it costing you?

Employee Health

Physical and mental employee health in the workplace is becoming the centre of many media articles in 2019. With employees looking into ways of supporting staff throughout the UK we are looking into the effects of neglecting employee health and wellbeing and how you can offer your staff the best healthcare available.

What employee health does to your business

The effects of management neglect are becoming an epidemic throughout the UK economy, with employees not focusing enough attention on employee health and wellbeing. 2019 has seen the introduction of the NHS 10-year plan, highlighting mental health as a key focus across the country. How can you implement healthy lifestyle schemes within the workplace and help employees feel liberated and appreciated?
alldayDr.com are a health care service bringing technology and first-class healthcare together, to create a pioneering and revolutionary answer to health concerns in the workplace. So what happens when you offer your employees the opportunity to have first-class, convenient healthcare without jeopardising company targets and figures?

Sickness costs you!

Sickness and absenteeism in the workplaces costs the UK economy on average £13 billion per year, is this a cost you can afford? In recent studies we have found £29 billion has been lost across the UK due to employee sickness. Although sickness is causing a ripple effect through the UK economy, presenteeism is becoming an issue for many company’s worldwide.

Staff across the country feel obligated to attend work when in ill health, spreading illness company wide. Presenteeism effects 24% of all companies, placing strain of working relationships encouraging disengagement. 88% of employees feel uncomfortable calling in sick when in ill health, how is this presenteeism epidemic effecting your business and what could you do to reduce its effects?

How can you make your employees happier?

In a study we found that employees would feel happier, healthier and more appreciated when offered high quality healthcare as part of a work perks scheme. 79% of workers in the UK have stated that they feel employee health and wellbeing should be a shared responsibility between employee and employer, this would increase office moral with 74% saying that would feel more satisfied, motivated and loyal. The UK currently ranks 10th in the world for office happiness with Australia ranking number 1 due to benefits of work, a major benefit frequently offered is access to healthcare. Within the study, research found that younger employees feel less appreciated and that their health and wellbeing is not taken seriously. With the offer of alldayDr.com you can and will ensure your employees feel happy, healthy and appreciated.

What are the benefits of offering first class, tech enabled healthcare within the workplace?

  • To discuss the financial aspects, not only will you contribute to the improvement of the UK economy, but you will see a return of investment of up to £808 per employee, per year. That means the average UK company could see a return of over £200,000 per year. Tempting?
  • Staff retention will improve! 87% of employees say they are more likely to stay within companies who provide some form of healthcare. Imagine how this will increase further with the implementation of tech enabled, convenient and cutting-edge healthcare!
  •  You will see on an average of 37% fewer sick days taken by employees. Sick days have been proven to reduce due to the prevention of further disease and illnesses within the workplace.
  • No man hours lost to appointments. Employees are able to see a doctor from the convenience of their desk if needed. Our app allows you to see a doctor and be treated via a skype based video call consultation. There is no need to leave the workplace and travel. Travel time, waiting times and treatment times waste up to 4 working hours for employees worldwide.
  • Increase employee productivity! Recent studies have shown that 75% of employees feel productivity and performance is affected by ill health. Battle the presence of procrastination within the workplace with the use of an effective healthcare system.
  • Increase engagement and create a strong bond within the team by providing an answer to health concerns. The presence of a workplace healthcare program has been proven to improve team engagement by up to 39%.

Can you afford to lose man hours, money and employee productivity due to something that can be dealt with immediately?  The implementation of alldayDr.com is not a company cost, this is an investment that you can not afford to miss. Ensure your employees feel valued, healthy and empowered. Find out more at www.alldaydr.com now.

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