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Employee Benefits

Are you and your employees maximising employee benefits?

A recent survey has shown that 60% of people feel employee benefits packages are more important than high pay. Companies in the UK are offering more benefits than ever to valued employees. Employee benefit services are an effective way for employers to show their appreciation and thank their staff for loyalty and hard work. Used to encourage office culture, improve moral and even reduce absenteeism, employee benefit packages are becoming increasingly popular amongst employers in the UK.

Employees are able to access benefits using their individual portal in accordance with which provider is used by their employer. However, recent studies show that employee benefit schemes are undersubscribed with up to 18% of employees stating that they have not been given enough information on the schemes in place. Are you offering employee benefits proactively?

Why Invest in your Employees?

Offering employee benefits and incentives can be the key to a happy, proactive and effective workforce. What can your business gain from implementing an employee benefits package and why should you invest in your staff?

  • Employee Loyalty and Retention
  • Workplace Culture
  • Easy Recruitment
  • Office Morale
  • Company Profit
  • Reduce Absenteeism

Employee benefits stretch from annual leave incentives through to childcare vouchers and company cars. Studies have shown that the implementation of employee benefit packages is sure to see your company profit, productivity and success grow with guarantee. Benefit schemes make your company 60% more desirable to job seekers and can improve staff satisfaction by up to 71%

The Gift of Good Health

Research has shown that health and wellbeing benefits were the most desirable reaching a whopping 45%! Companies across the UK are now offering healthcare packages to staff in order to promote company productivity and reduce employee sickness. Businesses are making it easier for staff to gain help and advice relating to personal health and even gain medication at reduced prices in order to stay fit and well.

The marriage of first-class healthcare and advanced technology has seen the implementation of video consultations, AI enabled health tracking and advanced technology-based healthcare programmes within the workplace. Employees can see a doctor with no waiting times via easy to use, simple apps in their working environment. alldayDr is an example of a fantastic health-based employee benefit available via World Privileges Plus and XEXEC platforms, to ensure optimum employee health and wellbeing.

46% of employees state that they would actively engage in health and wellbeing initiatives if employers had these available.  Health benefits within the workplace have the ability to reduce sick days by 37% Absenteeism cost the economy up to £13 billion per year, this directly effects your business. Ensuring your staff have the tools to attend to their personal health when necessary can ensure company productivity and employee health satisfaction.

Benefits to Benefit your Employees  

There are many augmented benefits for employees using their job perks some of which are overlooked due to the focus on monetary value and core services. What do your employees value the most when it comes to health benefits?

  • Ease and Convenience of Access to Healthcare
    Rather than spending an average of 4.5hours away from the desk in seeking an NHS GP appointment, employees can now safely, effectively and discretely consult a GP from the comfort of their workplace through an online app.
  • Recovering Quicker  
    The wait for NHS GP’s is at an all-time high, the implementation of healthcare benefits within the workplace means staff are treated quickly and efficiently.
  • Take it With You  
    Healthcare benefits do not just benefit employees within the workplace with apps such as alldayDr, employees are able to take their benefit with them no matter where they may be.

Underused and Undersubscribed

A shocking 16% of employees state that their employers fail to communicate the employee benefits on offer. Employee benefit packages are often underused and undersubscribed due to a lack of awareness within the company. 12% of business in the UK report that they are currently unhappy with the level of their employee engagement within employee benefit schemes, reporting a cost implementation of up to 64%

When questioned 20% of employees said that they were made aware of employee perks in the initial interview stage, but have not received any documentation or updates relating to this since. The lack awareness within companies throughout the UK can be directly linked to a lack of communication from management. Have you considered what this may be costing you?

Employers are financially missing out on the value of the employee benefit schemes in place, often making a loss and deterring them away from offering such perks. The loss is not just related to the cost of implementation, but also directly linked to recruitment fees and staff turnover. In creating an attractive job offer with not just an attractive salary but also a tempting employee benefits package ensures you recruit and retain the most loyal, productive and ethical staff on the market.

Employers benefitting already from the offering of online GP services on their Employee benefit packages further miss out on the positive impact of such services through lack of awareness and subsequent uptake. Online GP services have shown to reduce sickness and absenteeism by up to 37% and reduce lost desk hours by up to 4.5 hours.  This loss is not only lost in terms of hours of productivity, but also time in recovering from illness, which in turn means loss in productivity on the whole.  This in turn will devalue business credibility, employability and employee loyalty, costing you quality staff and profits. How can you stop this?

Raising Awareness Within

The key to getting the most out of your employee benefits package is communication. The use of in-house mailshots and the continuation of informative articles related to the benefits on offer is crucial. Ensure promotion is created internally for your workforce to guarantee they get the most out of what you have on offer. The implementation of a fantastic employee benefits package is CSR related definitely something to celebrate and encourage.

Employ a benefits-lead within the team so your staff have a point of contact throughout their time in your company. Having a benefits lead will ensure promotion is well maintained and will; also give you the opportunity to see stats and figures related to the use of the benefits portal. With the aid of a benefits-lead you will know where your money is best used and get positive results.

With the known impact of Online GP services on your Employee benefits provider, is a small spend on raising awareness something you can afford to not spend on?!

What We Can Offer

alldayDr are a ground breaking healthcare benefit, we are here to support your staff and you! We are offering the opportunity of free Health and Wellness days to kick start the health and wellness phenomenon in the workplace. We are aiming to encourage self-care, productivity and the uptake of employee benefits in the UK.

We understand that engaging your staff in office culture and initiatives can be difficult! Our Health and Wellness days cover everything from healthy living tips, through to a complete overview of our ground-breaking, AI enabled Health and Wellness Kiosks. With the help of our innovative Kiosk your staff can physically see what this amazing healthcare benefit can do for them and get a taste for your new wellness initiative. You will have exclusive access to our Health and Wellness Kiosk on the day, your staff will receive first hand, premium advice from our prestigious clinicians and gain access to private medication which discreetly delivered to their doorstep! It’s never been so simple to engage your staff in employee benefits!

Get Intouch

If you are interested in finding out more about what we have on offer, please enter your details in the contact form for a friendly, informative consultation today.

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