The Good, The Bad & The Acne


Although it may be embarrassing to the sufferer, acne affects up to 80% of people in the UK – You are not alone. Acne is the most common skin condition for people in the UK and can affect various part of the body, although most people will believe only the face can be hit by Acne. The skin condition has been known to flare up worst over the summer time, this can be highly distressing for sufferers as many people choose to go makeup free over the summer months. What causes Acne to be so bad over the summer and how can you treat the problem head on?

Why is my skin worse in the summer?

Acne can be made worse by many factors ranging from facial product use through to the local environment. Summer sees many factors rise and although we cannot control the weather to assist you with your clear skin mission, we may be able to give you the advice you need to work on clearing your skin. We cover what should look out for and what causes most skin problems over the hot season.

  • Sunscreen: It is absolutely necessary to cake on the sunscreen over the summer; however, SPFs are extremely oily and can cause further issues with breakouts and causes of acne. Many brands of sunscreen enhance your chances of a bad breakout due to the heavy amount of oils used within the formula.

  • Swimming Pools: We all enjoy taking full advantage of the pool when in an exotic country, but your holiday swim time could be a major trigger for acne prone skin. Although research shows Chlorine can dry up pre-existing pimples, the water harbours many germs which can sometimes find their way into your pores. As Chlorine tends to dry skin and reduce moisture, too much time in the pool can also cause a breakout as your skin’s oil production will increase due to the lack of natural oils and excess Chlorine.

  • Sweat: Your sweat itself does not cause an acne breakout, however, the removal of sweat does irritate your skin and clog pores. Wiping sweat away from your skin will irritate follicles and potentially cause a breakout. Excessive perspiration may cause your acne to increase due to clogging of the pores and excess oils.

  • Summer diets: Over the summer our diets tend to become staggered between healthy and unhealthy foods. As a nation, we prepare for the summer body by attending the gym and part-taking in extreme diets to achieve our desired beach body! What is this yo-yo approach to diet and exercise doing to your body? A bad breakout is often a sign of poor diet and this can be tackled by introducing more nutrients into your diet on a frequent and consistent basis. Dairy, refined sugars and fast food are all likely to contribute to a bad breakout.

How to battle the acne breakout?

We may not be able to control the summer heat; however, we can offer you some easy to follow tips and tricks to keep on top of the summer breakouts!

  • Super-foods: Including citrus fruits within your diet can improve your skin; citrus fruits are antioxidant and can reduce the chances of acne breakouts. Zinc a fantastic mineral is an anti-inflammatory found in beans, nuts and whole grains. By consuming more Zinc during a breakout, you can reduce red swollen inflammation and help clear your skin. By being consistent with your diet you can help promote healthy skin and reduce breakouts over the summer.

  • Oil-free: Many skin care companies are now offering alternative oil free SPF creams specially for your face. Go for a high SPF face cream with a light oil free formula to help battle acne. Mineral based sunscreens allow your skin to breathe and do not clog your pores with dead skin cells and excess oil.

  • Moisturising: Pick a moisturiser suited to your complexion and ensure you apply this twice daily. Although we have discussed oily skin over the summer time, it is still recommended that you keep your skin hydrated with a nourishing cream to keep it hydrated. Choosing a lightweight cream with Hyaluronic Acid bases will ensure your skin gets the hydration it needs after a day in the sun.

  • Water: Staying hydrated keeps your skin looking fresh and radiant, however, it will also flush out toxins found within your body. Ensure you keep on top of your hydration as in summer months you lose more sweat and produce more natural oils, this means your body water content needs to be replenished.

  • Cleanse: During the day sweat and oil gathers in your pores over the summer months, this is due to the warm weather opening your pores. Going barefaced and cleansing your skin in intervals during the day will ensure your pores are clear and not filled with oil, sweat or dead skin cells.

What can the doctor do for you?

We understand that acne over the summer can be a pain, especially when you want to look fresh faced by the pool. There is something we may be able to do to help you battle acne and ensure it doesn’t make a surprise appearance. alldayDr offer fast, effective treatments for acne in a wide range of creams and tablets.

Available effective treatments:

  • Finacea Gel 15% – From £1.70 per day This amazing gel reduces and banish acne by unplugging and unblocking clogged pores formed by dead skin cells.

  • Zineryt – From £1.00 per day Zineryt is an antibacterial medicine containing zinc! This medicine reduces redness and swelling while treating the breakout with antibacterial properties.

  • Lymecycline – From £1.00 per day These antibiotics clear and treat acne by battling the infection and reducing the spots formed due to acne.

Should you wish to speak with a qualified GP regarding your current skin condition and how to manage the symptoms; sign up to alldayDr today to be treated without the wait!

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