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There are 2.3 million students living in London as of September 2019, the figure rises every year and with this comes further spend on health and wellbeing. We look into how unsavvy student healthcare harms your student loan and how implementing an online GP could be the way to battle heath concerns on a budget.

Young adults across the nation are preparing to go “back to school” with stationary being the highest priority to many and the queue at IKEA being full adolescents buying cushions and scented candles to make their uni accommodation more homely. We are here to ask you; are you focusing enough on the most important part of attending university; getting your health and well-being in order, to be the best you can be? We understand that changing your healthcare service is not your main priority at this time and you may only have your sights set on your first night out during Freshers Week, but what happens when Freshers Flu strikes as your studies start? Alternatives to university healthcare centres and tedious changes of address are available, that’s where alldayDr come in!

You don’t need to change your address

Most students spend their time at their new university address, with only 1 in 20 students in the UK not moving away from home. The NHS website advises students to register with their local GP practice, but what if you can take the hassle out of transferring GP practices and see a doctor from wherever you may be in the UK and even; the world.

The transfer of records between GP practices can take up to a week to complete and update, with mandatory introduction appointments and long waiting times the average person will wait a week to transfer GP practice. As a busy student, with studies, hectic social lives and important lie-ins can you really afford to wait a week to be seen by a doctor?
With alldayDr you are able to register within minutes, minimal documentation and even without leaving your bed! It’s simple, cost effective and means you get more time to spend at the library (shh – we really mean pub!)

The cost of seeing a GP

Up to your 19th birthday, prescriptions are free on the NHS after this you will be charged £9 per prescription unless you have a valid NHS exemption certificate. Almost half of adults in the UK take prescribed medication daily, with on average 18.7 prescriptions per person this can rack up to £170 per year just on regular, necessary medication. Students who fail to change GP to their local practice while living away at university can incur further charges due to travel when attending doctors appointments. With the average student moving up to 91 miles away from home, a general doctors appointment can cost up to £100 with travel and prescriptions included! I don’t know about you, but I struggled to pay £1.50 for a jager bomb whilst university, let alone a £100 GP visit.

On average the general public visit their GP 5-6 times per year, with students visiting considerably less and university absence rates rising. Students in the UK loose up to 10.1 days per year due to sickness, impeding on their personal achievements and grades. With your grades and student loan at steak, is visiting your GP at home really the way you should address your health concerns? The cost of visiting your family GP as a student can rack up to a whopping £545 per year with travel and prescriptions, however, with a simple alldayDr subscription you will only pay £5 per month and a small charge when you use us with the yearly cost being a very affordable £147.50! That’s an extra £397.50 for foam parties and kebabs, all thanks to alldayDr.

Sounds amazing! What does the subscription include?

With a monthly alldayDr subscription you have access to a GP online, at any time, from anywhere. That means if you are too poorly to leave your bed, our GP will see you without your head having to leave the pillow! If your lectures are stacked back to back all week and you find yourself running out of your contraceptive pill; you can order this without any hassle while still taking revision notes! We include more than you could ask for to ensure you’re always covered for only £5 per month;

  • 30% discount on video consultations (With a qualified GP) – £17.50 per consultation
  • Prescription included
  • Sick note included
  • Referral note included
  • Health advice for free
  • Playback on all consultations – for your reference
  • Complete free use of Health Kiosks (Can be found in pharmacies nationwide)
  • Free medication delivery TO‌‌ YOUR DOOR
  • Offers and promotional codes – for your eyes only!

Are you prepared?

No matter how many vitamins you munch, you are bound to catch at least the dreaded Fresher Flu during your first week at university. Just as you have prepared your pencil case, kitted your new kitchen out with paper plates and stocked up on super noodles; you must also take great care of your health – so you can truly benefit from the magic of Freshers Week. Be sure to take a high quality, GMC‌ registered, friendly GP to university by subscribing to alldayDr today! Stay on top form this semester.

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