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With Christmas fast approaching the sales of wearables are rocketing with the number of users reaching up to 6.7 million in 2019 alone. AI wearables are most popular with consumers aged between 25 and 34 years; the generation most health orientated and therefor using AI the most for health tracking. We look into how AI can help you spot any looming health conditions, improve your mental wellbeing and physical fitness.

Get smart

The future of wearable devices such as Fitbits and Apple Watches is not going to slow down, in fact it is intended to simply grow over the coming years. Consumers are becoming more aware of their personal health and monitoring health via technology is a fantastic way to prevent disease. 15hours of a GPs time could be saved if patients used wearable technology to track health and wellness. A recent study showed that 80% of people would be willing to wear AI based health gadgets in order to live a better life and spend less time with unnecessary GP visits. The recent boom and high demand for health-based technology means that insurers and some large companies are even monitoring how supplying a wearable to their consumers and employees could be beneficial to business. Is it time for you to start tracking your health with AI?

Turn reactive into proactive

Generally, we deal health concerns in a reactive manner, we do not seek medical help until we begin to show the signs and symptoms of illness. When you begin to feel unwell this is the time you choose to address the problem and see your GP, but what if there was a way to predetermine future illness and take a proactive approach?
The use of wearables to detect health concerns work by highlighting anything out of the ordinary with regards to pulse, body heat and heart rate. Detecting slight changes to vital stats can help spot illness in the early stages. The proactive approach to health monitoring is mainly beneficial as major health problems do not have the time to develop if detection is early.

Stay engaged

Real time data encourages users to stay on track with health and fitness, often setting goals throughout the day to encourage them to be active. From counting steps to monitoring calorie intake, the user’s health is in the limelight while using a wearable for health tracking and monitoring.
Setting fitness goals encourages good health and motivation, helping individuals lead a healthier lifestyle.

The AI biosensors that can save your life

Over the years measurables have increased in functionality and medical monitoring, the recent addition of biosensors makes it easier to track issues related to long term health conditions. Diabetic patients are now able to track and monitor their glucose levels meaning emergencies are preventable, these sensors are placed beneath the skin and connect to your phone to ensure your condition is monitored correctly. Wearables are now becoming more medically advanced with technology to improve posture, regulate body temperature and even fix circadian rhythm.

Vulnerable patients 24-hour observation

Patients with long term illnesses are able to be observed from the comfort of their own home without a clinician having to be present. Information can be passed to healthcare providers via the intelligent health trackers to ensure patients in a vulnerable position are constantly cared for, preventing further serious illness.

Saving GP time

Wearables are the best way to ensure patients only attend GP appointments when absolutely necessary. Not only can wearables help you are an individual, they can also help aid the NHS appointments crisis and free unnecessary appointments for more urgent cases.

Saving time, promoting good health and preventing further diseases, this technology is shaping the way we look into the medical industry and potentially even the future of the NHS. Do you own a wearable? How has it changed your health and lifestyle? Comment below how you feel wearables help you.

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