Get happy this Winter

This Winter

Does your office suffer from absenteeism and presenteeism? Has employee absences increased over the Winter season for your business? Colder weather affects everyone in different ways, however, those of us who struggle with mental health are unfortunately more prone to illness over the colder months. Control absences within the office space by focusing on happiness through the Winter, alldayDr look into how you can improve absence with the help of positive thinking and healthier living. Promote these lifestyle choices this Winter in your office and see employee satisfaction improve.

Optimistic diets

Research has shown that eating more fruit and veg makes you happier and it is no secret it makes you healthier! The consumption of fruit and implementing a healthy diet has been shown to make people experience an increase in life satisfaction equivalent to what an unemployed person feels after finding a job.

Motivation to eat healthier is generally lower over the Winter months due to the cold weather. With more opportunities to eat unhealthily, consume more alcohol and comfort eat, we find ourselves reaching for the box of chocolates more so when the weather gets colder. There’s so much you can do to lead a healthier diet;

  • Try new Winter fruit or veg
  • Experiment with unusual healthy recipes
  • Prepare your lunch the night before so you’re not tempted to give in to the office take away
  • Turn to porridge in the mornings for a warming, energy filled start to the day
  • Look for sources of zinc to help your immune system
  • Find iron rich supplements
  • Swap sugars for sweet root veggies and soups to kick the chocolate habit

Socialising in the cold

We are not meant to go into hibernation, but somehow, we have started to become very much like a bear over the Winter time. When asked 56% of Brits stated that they socialise more over Summer as it is easier to socialise outside, over the Winter months socialising outside starts to become more difficult. Almost 1/3 of the UK population have a let a friend down on plans due to the cold and in a recent study “Bad weather” came in 2nd on the “Top twenty outdoor event pet hates”, it seems we don’t like to socialise outdoors in the Winter. Enjoying your time outdoors over the Winter can be made easier;

  • Wrap up and snuggle up with layers so the cold doesn’t get to you
  • Go for a walk and enjoy the winter scenery
  • Get some cold fresh air
  • Set a timer for central heating so you are greeted by a cosy home when you finish your walk
  • Enjoy a warm drink or warm breakfast before you brave the ice
  • Make sure you make the most of the Vitamin E when you make it outside

Get enough rest this Winter

Part of how our ancestors survived during the Winter months was to take an afternoon nap or go to bed early, they simply slept more over the Winter months. You will find yourself sleepy when the weather turns colder, it is perfectly normal to find yourself feeling tired at a time you would have more energy over the Summer months. According to the sleep experts our bodies require more sleep over the long Winter and you may find yourself feeling weary and less energised. The reason we become sleepier in the Winter ranges from temperature and the amount of light we receive through to nutrition and circadian rhythm. By making these few small changes you will find yourself with more energy during the day;

  • Dark, cool and quiet; this is exactly how your bedroom should be. Leave your window slightly ajar to get that fresh cool air in and remember to avoid using your phone in the dark before you sleep.
  • Get active! Going for a walk to gain natural light daily will increase your energy and can even reduce illness. You body is craving vitamin D during Winter so if you struggle to find time to get outdoors; try a lightbox!
  • Reduce the alcohol! Although alcohol has been known to help people drop off to sleep quickly it does affect REM sleep – Rapid eye movement sleep. Most dreams occur during REM sleep and memories are consolidated within this state.

Making these slight changes to your lifestyle over the colder months could see an increase in work attendance, focus and job satisfaction. Promoting a healthier approach to Winter within your office could see the end in sight for Winter absenteeism. How do you keep your office healthy over the dark, cold seasons?

For more information on how you can get over your common illnesses or want to reduce absences in your business, get in touch will alldayDr. All day, every day.

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