The Fresh Employee – Starting a new job in the New Year


As a new employee in an organisation, whether large or small, it can be quite a daunting prospect – it is likely that they may have only met the HR department, or their immediate boss, or perhaps the owner of the company – this will depend on the size of the new place of employment. You will now have the task of ensuring that they have a smooth integration with their colleagues, and that the ‘daily grind’ is as pleasurable and fulfilling as possible in the very early stages. Questions will undoubtedly be asked as to whether there are any health benefits in place, and this is more and more important with the ever-increasing workload of a GP surgery.

As January and February are key months for candidates to move jobs, ensuring that your benefits package is one of the best on the market, particularly in the health sector, is a facility second to none. This is where alldayDr comes in, which will enable your employees to access doctors within a short period of time, if they are feeling unwell. At the touch of a button, they can be in contact with a local doctor who will be able to see them at relatively short notice. This service is provided by an easy to use App, and your staff will be able link into it very easily. They can even speak to the doctor via Facetime, to explain their illness and concerns.

New and challenging positions at work can affect your employees health both mentally and physically, depending on whether they are a clerical or manual worker – both come with their own set of potential health hazards. A healthy mind and body will go a long way to ensuring that the settling in period goes problem-free. If they are in peak condition, you are on the front foot for tackling any upcoming challenges. If one of your employees is unwell and needs medical advice, it can be difficult to get an appointment on the same day with their own GP, or at least within 24 hours. alldayDr can solve this for you via the app that we use and that you can join in with as part of your corporate policy.

As a company, why should we consider alldayDr?

There are many reasons from keeping your employees healthy for their own wellbeing, through to more commercially viable propositions. After all, as an employer you do have a duty of care in terms of health, as well as a responsibility to your company and clients to ‘get the job done’. Your staff are the bricks and mortar and without them, you would never be able to handle supply and demand for your business.

So why would you benefit from our service?

  • A healthy employee is a happy one
  • Adds to your list of employee benefits, making you a prime provider of jobs in your area
  • Increases productivity and decreases absenteeism as employees will not have to wait for appointments. Currently GP surgeries report that waiting time for an appointment can be up to two weeks
  • Through their regular GP surgery they may be able to get an urgent appointment, but this can mean a long wait in the surgery to be fitted in to see a doctor.  The alldayDr App can go a long way to solving this problem.
  • Ability to talk to a doctor about hidden issues, such as stress and anxiety which they may not want to talk about to colleagues or company officials. Easier to talk in privacy to an independent GP.
  • Employee can avoid delays in treatment and access medication at a local pharmacy, or have it delivered promptly
  • You will be more likely to retain staff if they feel they are cared for
  • Investing in digital healthcare will cut your costs and improve your companys’ overall performance due to less man hours lost away from the office

By creating a healthy environment for your employees, you will demonstrate that you care about their wellbeing and gain the reputation of being a responsible corporate entity, as opposed to purely worrying about profit margins.

If you want any further information on how alldayDr can benefit your business and employee’s, get in touch today.

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