Top Tips to Motivate Yourself to Exercise


Inside everyone is the knowledge that exercise is important for the human body to function at full capacity. But sometimes, the will to ‘get up and get moving’ eludes us, particularly in colder weather. The desire to stay under the warm and cosy duvet or stretch out on the sofa watching an old movie and eating popcorn, seems far more desirable.

The biggest hurdle is the mindset to move. Those first five minutes to convince yourself is the hardest part. Once you are up and moving, it does get easier. You will subsequently enjoy yourself, clear your mind and get into a pattern, however many days of the week you can afford with a busy schedule. Having an ‘I can do’ attitude is halfway there. Here are some alldayDr top tips to motivate yourself to exercise.

Keep a diary

A good starting point recommended by alldayDr is to schedule in some exercise sessions for the coming week. It doesn’t matter if you keep a diary or mark them up on a chalkboard in the kitchen. Seeing them written down is a little like a ‘call to action’, and you are less likely to forget or ignore them. Be easy on yourself, and only plan the ones you know you have time to make, not those that you will be rushing to get to.

One thing that will motivate you more is recording any results. If you are aiming to lose weight, write down any weight loss. It’s a sure-fire way of keeping you going.

Do different exercise methods

By keeping yourself interested and changing your routine, you won’t become bored with doing the same thing every time you exercise. Vary the pattern between brisk walks or light runs, the gym and some classes that are fun as well as beneficial. Swimming is a great idea and very relaxing, or if you enjoy dancing, try a few Zumba classes to get you in the mood. Music can be very effective in putting you in a good mood as well.

Music motivates

Putting your headphones on and playing music that you enjoy whilst exercising, will inspire you to keep going. Some people find walking, running or gym sessions ‘boring’, particularly if it has never been part of their agenda before. Time passes much more quickly with your favourite tunes and you will tend to work harder to some stimulating music.

Find a gym buddy!

Some of your friends may already enjoy exercising, so team up with them. Whilst it’s not a competition, other likeminded people will spur you on, and you will not want to let them down by not turning up. It’s very important to look forward to and enjoy your exercise programmes and have fun.

If you don’t have friends that regularly exercise, join some mixed classes and get to know the other participants. You all have one thing in mind, so there will always be common ground to make new friends who think the same way. You never know, a whole new social life can open up as well.

Think of a new challenge

It’s so good to try new activities that you may have previously thought you didn’t want to do or were too scared to do. New ideas are always springing up in the exercise world that aren’t ridiculously strenuous or taxing, but still produce good results when it comes to cardiovascular health, relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. Every little bit helps to motivate you, and you don’t need to break into a sweat with exercise – any exercise is good for the body and mind. The more different things you do, the more mobility you will have.

Every year new exercise regimes come on the market, which can really be fun to do. Most of them combine a cardio workout with a fun element, so you don’t even regard it as a chore. You can try Aqua Zumba, Ripstix, Waveshape, Rope and a multitude of other motivational methods. Give it a go, imagine how you will feel when you accomplish this challenge.

The most important thing is to be realistic about what you can achieve, particularly if you haven’t exercised for years or never at all. Start slowly, even if it is only a 15-minute brisk walk or workout, as injuries can happen when your body isn’t used to it. Any exercise is better than none. Once you have got into a pattern, then set yourself some goals.

Treat yourself

Hard work needs a reward of some kind. If could be as simple as some downtime with a friend over a drink, or saving up to buy some new clothes or something you have wanted for a long time.

Now if that’s not enough motivation!

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