Coronavirus – How to save your business


Could the spread of the Coronavirus affect your business?

The simple answer to this is ‘yes’. With the NHS, the Government and the World Health Organisation all reporting about this particular virus as being of pandemic proportions, everyone should be concerned about the health of your employees and the health and survival of your company.

Whether you are a small, medium or large organisation, the spread of such a virus can have huge effects on your business output. Experts from the world of infectious diseases now must admit that the Coronavirus spreads like wildfire and is now considered to be worldwide. Don’t for one-minute think ‘it won’t happen to us’ – nobody is safe from a pandemic as statistics and the spread have shown.

If you have already taken some measures to prevent the spread of the disease within your own company, you have at least taken a few steps in terms of basic precautions, such as deep-cleaning, sanitisation, staff awareness of symptoms and even requesting relevant people to work from home, if their position warrants it. But is this enough?

Keeping your premises clean and sanitised will not necessarily prevent any employees falling ill with the virus. They have a journey to work on public transport, where they can easily pick up germs and viruses carried by other people. This could then be transported into your office, meaning that any precautions you have taken in your own environment could become negligible. Employees can visit cafes, pubs and restaurants where they touch surfaces or encounter carriers of the virus, which can then be transferred to an untold number of individuals. They could be attending a standard GP appointment about a completely different issue, and come into contact with someone who is infected, without even knowing.

Unfortunately, even queueing up in your local GP surgery can be a hazard with any illness – close contact either by touching surfaces or being exposed to those that may be coughing or sneezing could mean you are in danger of contracting the virus.

What to look out for

The incubation period of Coronavirus is believed to be around 5 days, but health officials state that it could be between 1 and 14 days before someone can be noted as clear or confirmed as infected. That’s a big ballpark to contend with. However, what also needs to be considered when it comes to protecting your business, is the recovery time. Some patients recover quickly, whilst others can suffer from the debilitating affects of the virus for weeks, and in some cases, months. Can you afford employees absenteeism for that length of time?

As a business, what else can we do?

If one of your employees starts to demonstrate symptoms of the Coronavirus, prompt action is needed. Symptoms can be varied, mild or severe, but a usual indication is:

  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry cough

But not necessarily limited to those. These symptoms can appear very quickly, from someone who appeared to be well in the morning and is suddenly feeling very unwell by the afternoon. As a company, you need rapid response and advice, which is where alldayDr can help you enormously.

How can alldayDr help us as a company?

Firstly, alldayDr will have your employee’s health as their main concern, but equally so, you need to keep your business afloat during tough times when there is an epidemic, or pandemic, that has spread throughout the world. The third concern is spreading any potential virus throughout your company, but also transferring it to families and friends as well as work colleagues.

alldayDr operates a system with real, qualified doctors, experienced in a multitude of illnesses, who you can speak to within moments. It alleviates the worry of visiting a GP surgery or waiting for an appointment, during which time you could be spreading the Coronavirus to others and exacerbating the rapid speed with which it is taking hold of the world.

alldayDr is conducted in real time, with face to face consultations with the patient, your employee. There is no physical contact with either the doctor or other surgery patients, just rapid and sound advice via digital methods. The consultation will be in depth in order for the doctor to make realistic decisions about treatment and certainly the need to be tested.

After initial video contact, the potential patients will be advised of the next steps to take after the doctor has spoken to them and attained all the necessary details, symptoms etc. This service is up close and personal in terms of getting the right information in the shortest of time but is all done at the touch of a button. In terms of COVD-19, rapid response can be vital to your employee, the survival of your company, and to prevent the spread of this disease.

The advantages of alldayDr

  • Minimal human contact to limit the spread
  • Instant diagnosis
  • Qualified doctors advice from the office or home
  • Save lost desk hours and potential office spread by employees avoiding GP surgeries
  • Peace of mind for you and your employees
  • No need to unnecessarily close your office or send people home

alldayDr handles any queries in the same way, not just potential life-threatening viruses. As a company, you can join this service with a few easy steps, visit our corporate wellness page or download our app on IOS or Android

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