Saddle Soreness – The GB Paralympic combating the Taboo

Saddle Soreness

Saddle Soreness & the facts

In the UK the rise of the cycle to work scheme is becoming increasingly popular, with employers everywhere offering the scheme in a bid to encourage healthy living. At present 2.4 million people cycle three times or more per week, with 1.7 million cycling every day. Men are currently three times more likely to cycle to work than women, we look into the main reason behind this statistic and see if there is a way to make cycling more comfortable for women and break the stigma of saddle soreness.        Read more

Hydration and Health


Water makes up 60% of the human body. With H20 being such a major factor in the makeup of our anatomy what does hydration do for your health and what exactly does dehydration do to your body? Dr Suhel Ahmed looks into water and how staying hydrated can benefit your health and lifestyle.        Read more

It’s Time to get to Know Your Aunt Flow


On average 1 in 6 women in the UK feel uncomfortable talking to their GP about their period, with 31% of women feeling inconvenienced by their monthly cycle. We look into the issues surrounding menstruation, discuss the “norm” and highlight signs and symptoms you must not ignore.
alldayDr want to break the stigma attached to periods and open up discussion with regards to the health of a female’s reproductive organs. It is essential you are aware of your monthly cycle. Your period can be a good reflection on your health in many aspects, from reproduction through to diseases and vitamin deficiencies. It is time to get to know your aunt Flow!       Read more

Do you need to boost your Immune System?

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  • February 27, 2019 11:59 am
Immune System

There are many causes of a low immune system from lack of sleep through to stress and improper nutrition. When dealing with a low immune system and suffering from the side effects, it is extremely important you focus on the cause and deal with the problem at the source if it is that simple. We are looking into the causes, side effects and treatments for a poor immune system and focusing on you getting the most out of your body’s defence system.        Read more

Let’s Talk About sex-ED – Coming from a Qualified GP


The effects of Erectile Dysfunction can be mentally and physically scarring. It is time to break the stigma attached to the condition and empower men to seek the help and guidance some may be scared to search for. In this article we open up and focus on the detrimental effects of ED on a man’s mental health, relationships and even physical wellbeing.        Read more

STD’s & Valentine’s Day


Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) are spread daily around the UK via unprotected sex or skin to skin sexual contact. However, over Valentines week the numbers rise dramatically. It is extremely important you take care of yourself and ensure you always remain protected and take precaution.        Read more

A Healthy Take on Asian Cuisine


A Tasty Change

alldayDr have some healthy food tips from our top inhouse GP Dr Ahmed. For everyone who loves Asian cuisine you will want to have a look at implementing these changes into your diet.        Read more

Online GP Consultations – The Future is Bright

Online GP Consultations

The twenty first century has seen the creation of many amazing technological feats! We are focusing on the creation of online GP consultations with highly skilled GMC registered General Practitioners. In this article we look into the positive contribution this service offers and how you can benefit from it.       Read more

An ode to The Heart

The Heart

The Human Body is amazing

We have a lot to thank our heart for! The human body has five vital organs, the Brain, Heart, Kidneys, Liver and Lungs. Scientists have not singled out one of these organs as the most important, however, your heart feeds these organs and provides them with oxygen and vital nutrients to keep them functioning correctly. In this article we will discuss ways in which you can keep your heart healthy and functioning to its optimal capacity.        Read more

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