Could weight in the workplace be an issue


Weight in the workplace

Weight can be a contentious issue, either to the individual who may feel uncomfortable, or to colleagues if it begins to affect their work performance.       Read more

A healthy office is a productive office


Any staff member missing from your team can have an effect on how productive your office is, but when a virus hits, such as flu or a stomach bug, it can become your worst nightmare.       Read more

Supporting Employees with Cancer


It’s no secret that cancer is a seriously debilitating condition, and not something that we would wish upon anybody. Sadly, over 100,000 people of working age are diagnosed with cancer each year. This disease can change the entire direction of somebody’s life – including their career.        Read more

Make Pancake Day a healthy day!


When you mention pancakes, it can easily conjure up a glorious picture in your mind of a huge glistening stack of delight, covered in maple syrup, a fruity sauce, honey or another sweet thing to tempt your taste buds.       Read more

Valentine’s Day – STI Advice


Valentine’s Day can be full of roses and romance, but it is not a time to get carried away with casual sex and get a STI. Of course, if you have a long-term partner and have an active sex life based on trust and knowledge, there is no real problem in expressing your feelings.       Read more

Top Tips to Motivate Yourself to Exercise


Inside everyone is the knowledge that exercise is important for the human body to function at full capacity. But sometimes, the will to ‘get up and get moving’ eludes us, particularly in colder weather. The desire to stay under the warm and cosy duvet or stretch out on the sofa watching an old movie and eating popcorn, seems far more desirable.       Read more

The Fresh Employee – Starting a new job in the New Year


As a new employee in an organisation, whether large or small, it can be quite a daunting prospect – it is likely that they may have only met the HR department, or their immediate boss, or perhaps the owner of the company – this will depend on the size of the new place of employment. You will now have the task of ensuring that they have a smooth integration with their colleagues, and that the ‘daily grind’ is as pleasurable and fulfilling as possible in the very early stages. Questions will undoubtedly be asked as to whether there are any health benefits in place, and this is more and more important with the ever-increasing workload of a GP surgery.       Read more

What Does Alcohol Do to Your Body?


Humans have long had a complicated relationship with alcohol. It’s been a part of our social fabric for over 9,000 years, and an increasing number of us rely heavily upon its influence. It’s even commonly claimed that certain alcoholic drinks, especially red wine, boast health benefits.       Read more

Get happy this Winter

This Winter

Does your office suffer from absenteeism and presenteeism? Has employee absences increased over the Winter season for your business? Colder weather affects everyone in different ways, however, those of us who struggle with mental health are unfortunately more prone to illness over the colder months. Control absences within the office space by focusing on happiness through the Winter, alldayDr look into how you can improve absence with the help of positive thinking and healthier living. Promote these lifestyle choices this Winter in your office and see employee satisfaction improve.        Read more

A healthy Christmas with alldayDr


Christmas is not a low calorie, reduced fat time of year. On December 25th families everywhere sit down to over indulge and share a calorific meal together to celebrate Christmas. We offer you healthier options to give you a guilt free Christmas at the most fattening time of the year!        Read more

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