Employee Benefits Packages

Are you and your employees maximising employee benefits?

A recent survey has shown that 60% of people feel employee benefits packages are more important than high pay. Companies in the UK are offering more benefits than ever to valued employees. Employee benefit services are an effective way for employers to show their appreciation and thank their staff for loyalty and hard work. Used to encourage office culture, improve moral and even reduce absenteeism, employee benefit packages are becoming increasingly popular amongst employers in the UK.        Read more

13 June, 2019

Business & Wellness

Health and Wellness Work Strategy – Invest in your Employees

The average employee will spend 8 hours in the office per day, accumulating to an average of 37.5 hours per week. The every day stress of travel to work, work load pressures and work-based relationship balances leaves employees feeling stressed taking its toll on general health and wellbeing. look into the use of health and wellness strategies in the workplace and how implementing a strong strategy could improve office productivity and company profit.        Read more

11 April, 2019

Business & Wellness


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