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World Mental Health Day

There is always help if you need it

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and people all over the world can suffer mental illness at some stage of their life. The Covid-19 pandemic certainly has not helped the situation and the incidence of mental health issues has increased over the past 18 months, due to the pressures that the virus has brought. Certain groups of people, including health and other frontline workers, students, people living alone, those under financial pressure and those with pre-existing mental health conditions, have been particularly affected. Services for mental, neurological and substance use disorders have been significantly disrupted.        Read more

Seasonal cold and flu – but don’t get confused with COVID-19


Cold and Flu season is upon us, our hints and tips are below to make sure you stay well!

In autumn and winter from around September through to February (or even spring and early summer), it’s the time for those horrible sniffles, chills and colds. None of these are particularly dangerous to your health and you will feel ‘rotten’ for a few days – but it’s not Covid.       Read more

Gynaecological Awareness Month! Know your body!

Would you recognise a problem if you saw it?

Although around 21,000 women per year contract some form or fashion of Gynaecological illness, it is not obvious if it is cancerous. Keeping your female organs healthy and being checked regularly up to the age of 70, is essential for women.        Read more

Vascular Disease – The Main Causes of Vascular Problems

Can you prevent vascular disease?

You can take steps to lower the risk of developing vascular disease by simple adjustments to your lifestyle. However, during September, Vascular Awareness Month, organisations such as the British Heart Foundation will highlight its profile.        Read more

Migraine Awareness – helping you differentiate between a migraine and a headache

Migraines, as sufferers know, is a debilitating illness that can cause regular ‘wipe out’ for those that have it really badly and find the only way to get any slight relief is to try to sleep, in the darkness for several hours. It is very debilitating, so much so that it has been declared to be a ‘debilitating illness’ by the NHS, which affects those between the age of 15 and 59 as a general rule. 10 million people are affected, so the Office of National Statistics reports.       Read more

Know Your Numbers Week!

Do you know your numbers?

Around a third of a million people in the UK suffer from blood pressure problems. So, you think we have had a pandemic – at least the worry is obvious, but abnormalities in your blood pressure are not. In the US, the situation is even worse, with dietary and glucose control compounding the problem.       Read more

‘Freedom Day’ Anxiety after COVID restrictions are lifted.

Feeling anxious now that Covid Restrictions have been lifted?

We have all had a tough time for the last 18 months, coping with the severe restrictions that the onset of coronavirus brought to the whole nation.       Read more

Make Pancake Day a healthy day!


When you mention pancakes, it can easily conjure up a glorious picture in your mind of a huge glistening stack of delight, covered in maple syrup, a fruity sauce, honey or another sweet thing to tempt your taste buds.       Read more

Top Tips to Motivate Yourself to Exercise


Inside everyone is the knowledge that exercise is important for the human body to function at full capacity. But sometimes, the will to ‘get up and get moving’ eludes us, particularly in colder weather. The desire to stay under the warm and cosy duvet or stretch out on the sofa watching an old movie and eating popcorn, seems far more desirable.       Read more

What Does Alcohol Do to Your Body?


Humans have long had a complicated relationship with alcohol. It’s been a part of our social fabric for over 9,000 years, and an increasing number of us rely heavily upon its influence. It’s even commonly claimed that certain alcoholic drinks, especially red wine, boast health benefits.       Read more

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