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Student hack! Get an extra £397 per year now!


There are 2.3 million students living in London as of September 2019, the figure rises every year and with this comes further spend on health and wellbeing. We look into how unsavvy student healthcare harms your student loan and how implementing an online GP could be the way to battle heath concerns on a budget.        Read more

Employee Health – How much is it costing you?

Employee Health

Physical and mental employee health in the workplace is becoming the centre of many media articles in 2019. With employees looking into ways of supporting staff throughout the UK we are looking into the effects of neglecting employee health and wellbeing and how you can offer your staff the best healthcare available.        Read more

Stay Clear of that UTI


Urinary Tract Infections occur when bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra. Bacteria then multiplies and can affect the urinary system from the Urinary Tract up to your Bladder.
It is important to notice the signs and symptoms of a UTI. Some Urinary Tract Infections can progress on to more complicated cases, we are discussing symptoms, causes and when to seek further medical guidance.
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Saddle Soreness – The GB Paralympic combating the Taboo

Saddle Soreness

Saddle Soreness & the facts

In the UK the rise of the cycle to work scheme is becoming increasingly popular, with employers everywhere offering the scheme in a bid to encourage healthy living. At present 2.4 million people cycle three times or more per week, with 1.7 million cycling every day. Men are currently three times more likely to cycle to work than women, we look into the main reason behind this statistic and see if there is a way to make cycling more comfortable for women and break the stigma of saddle soreness.        Read more

Hydration and Health


Water makes up 60% of the human body. With H20 being such a major factor in the makeup of our anatomy what does hydration do for your health and what exactly does dehydration do to your body? Dr Suhel Ahmed looks into water and how staying hydrated can benefit your health and lifestyle.        Read more

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